Bitcoin Loans – Indian Industry in dilemma

While Indians are still searching for the best interest rates, a new offering from the crypto world has knocked India – Loans against crypto assets or crypto loans. surveyed players in the industry, and their responses can be categorized as skeptical. Abhi Upadhyay, from the mobile lending space, says – “Traditional financial institutions like banks are never going to come close to accept cryptocurrency as security.”

Manav Jeet, Founder, and CEO of Rubique, a prominent fintech player in the digital space – We are the best-regulated markets, and even in terms of awareness, only a tiny portion of Indian population is using cryptocurrency. It will take a lot of time for us to get to the stage where we can imagine this form being used in secured loans.”

While in terms of Fintech adoption India has exhibited the second highest fintech adoption rate (59% while the global average is 33%) as per the EY Fintech adoption index, but Bitcoin loans as Saurabh Shankar, head of marketing at Paysense says – conceptually the idea is not bad, but the practical side here revolves around regulations and actual ease.


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