Hard Forks a Threat to Cryptocurrency Stability??

After investigating 800 soft forks and hard forks from Bitcoin, Benjamin Trump, a fellow of Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education stats that Participants in cryptocurrency networks like Bitcoin need to be better at preempting beneficial software changes. It will ensure the security and privacy of addresses and transactions and help retain the value of cryptocurrencies.

The analysis showed significant growth in some distinct blockchains curtailing from first Bitcoin software. Many of the Bitcoin forks and other altcoins could not survive beyond a few months, while others like Dogecoin, Litecoin or Vertcoin have persisted for years. Recent forks executed in year 2017-end and early 2018 have opened the gates to future forks. As per experts, hard forks in coming days would be more common with a prediction of up to 50 in 2018 alone.

Read more at ScienceDaily.

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