New Cryptocurrency Analysis Tools

Are you looking for a tool to understand the complexities of crypto-economy? Need a tool that assists you with analysis and monitors your crypto portfolio? Well, here are some new tools to help you with –

  1. Blockchair added Omni layer protocol to view Tether transactions and monitoring activity on Bitcoin Cash as a Wormhole layer and smart contract protocol. They also added an ability to generate PDF receipts for BCH, BTC, and LTC transactions.
  2. The onchainfx recent offering includes a Breakeven Multiple columns, showing how many times your altbag needs to double to reach its previous all-time high. If you’re angling to understand why an asset mooned or dumped, from mining reward halvings to chain splits, Onchainfx’ new feature aims to capture it all.
  3. Satoshi Pulse is for users looking for a crisp and clean means of viewing current or historical market data.


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