Local Indian Government Sites under attack of Cryptojacking

While India is in a dilemma to restrict or allow cryptocurrencies, the country’s government website is helping miners by mining cryptos unknowingly. As per the latest security report – Government websites like the director of municipal administration of Andhra Pradesh, Macherla municipality and Tirupati Municipal Corporation are among hundreds of Indian sites being used to mine cryptocurrencies.

A malware known as cryptojacking – where an unauthorized user could use your computer power to mine cryptos. Hackers get users to click on a malicious link in an email that loads crypto mining code on the computer or infects a website with JavaScript code that mines cryptocurrencies using up a visitor’s computing power without consent. While earlier malware attacks were equipped with blocking the data and asking for ransom, cryptojacking has been spreading successfully because of its nature of not being detected.

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Bitcoin mining costs hit the skies despite the fall in coin’s value

Bitcoin mining costs to outpace Bitcoin price
Bitcoin mining costs hit the skies

Bitcoin mining community is in a state of panic as the Bitcoin hash rate is shooting up rapidly irrespective of the coin’s price. In fact, the difficulty of adding a block has increased significantly over the past one year. While the Bitcoin price [as of today $6,410] has been fluctuating, the hash rate hasn’t reduced, in the last four months, it has increased by 100 %. If the trend continues, the cost of mining one Bitcoin could very well cross the value of one Bitcoin itself.

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Nuo is a decentralised and transparent crypto banking platform. It acts as a blockchain powered financial control centre to storespendborrow and grow your cryptocurrencies.

Torrent Site Pirate Bay use visitors’ processing power to mine crypto.

Pirate bay mine crypto
Pirate bay uses Power to mine crypto

The disclaimer on the website, Pirate Bay read – “by entering TPB you agree to [monero] being mined using your CPU. If you don’t agree, please leave now or install an adBlocker.” In September Blog post the site administrators mentioned about their efforts to test a monero Javascript miner to, as they put it, “get rid of all the ads. The new effort launched by the site represents “Cryptojacking” but of course voluntary in nature.

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