Ledger Nano S is solving biggest flaw of Blockchain for Financial users.

Ledger Nano S
Ledger Nano S Image Courtesy – cryptomaan.co.uk

Ledger Nano S, a real product from a French startup, is the key to a Bitcoin wallet, an untraceable 21st-century payoff for services rendered.  Pascal Gauthier, the president of Ledger, says Blockchain itself is secure, but signing on the blockchain is a flaw. We all know every Bitcoin user has a private key, that allows him/her access to their crypto fortune. While “Signing” is the method of using that key to access his/her wallet and initiate bitcoin transfer to another wallet. This key is stored outside the blockchain network and at risk of being stolen, putting your crypto assets at risk. Ledger’s solution was to put keys, in what’s known as “cold storage”—physically disconnecting them from the internet altogether on a separate device the size of a USB stick.

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